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Adjusted When Numbers Expanded

This letter is with regards to CICC catering services. Pelly Construction hired CICC to provide catering services at our 250 man camp located at the Brule Mine site, near Chetwynd, BC.

During the course of their contract, our operations expanded by double the original requirements and numbers in camps fluctuated greatly during this time. We found CICC to be very competent in adjusting to this fluctuation and ability to maintain their high service standards.

They always provided a family atmosphere and cooked homemade meals, including providing traditional holiday meals such as Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving at no extra cost.

CICC may be similar in price to other caterers on the market, but are outstanding in their quality and service, far exceeding their competitors.

— Jennifer Bryan

     Vice President of Community Affairs

     Pelly Construction

Consistent Quality and a Reasonable Price

Central Interior Catering has handled catering for Babine Forest Products Company for five years. The quality and quantity of food and service has been exceptional and they have always provided this for a reasonable price.

I would strongly recommend Central Interior Catering to your company.

— Dan Rollert, R.P.F.

     Operations Superintendent

     Babine Forest Products Company

A Capable and Dependable Company

CICC has catered camps varying from 20 men to 220 men per day and have proven themselves to be a dependable, capable and cooperative contractor.

Through Northwood’s relationship with CICC we have no hesitation recommending you consider them for employment.

— J. R. Horswell

     Resource Manager

     Northwood Pulp and Timber Ltd.

Outstanding Special Event Service

Central Interior Catering of Prince George, BC, has provided services for Cominco’s Snip Mine since the construction of the mine began in 1990. This service has included full dining and housekeeping services for our 125 employees. In addition, they have provided janitorial services in our office and services complex since it opened in 1991.

CICC has catered several special events and holidays for Cominco including our grand opening and 100,000 oz party. Their staff has done an excellent job making these events memorable occasions.

— G.R. Elson

     Employee Relations, Superintendent

     Cominco Metals

Honoured to Work with You

We applaud you for the excellent reputation you have established in the industry. We are proud to be associated with you.

— Management and staff

     Shoppers Wholesale Foods Co.

Consistent High Quality

Central Interior Catering has been servicing our Morrison Lake Camp since its opening in 1983. In all that time we have had no complaints with the level and quality of service provided by Ed Theessen and his employees. The superior quality of meals, cleanliness and competitive pricing appear to be a trademark of CICC.

I would certainly recommend CICC in any prospective endeavor.

— E. Aatalna

     Operations Superintendent

     Houston Forest Products Co.

Responsible and Approachable in Contract Administration

During the construction of the Premier Gold Project, CICC satisfactorily fulfilled the requirements of the catering contract providing quality cuisine and a high standard of service, cleanliness and housekeeping throughout the camp and kitchen.

It was also found that CICC was a cooperative, responsible and approachable company in the administration of the contract and handling on-site requirements.

— Ross Banner

     Project Coordinator

     Westmin Mines Ltd.

Skilled in Serving Remote Camp Operations

We recognize CICC’s strong ability to deal with the problems associated with a remote camp operation and would not hesitate to include CICC in planning for any similar future ventures.

— Richard Harding

     Administration Superintendent

     Westmin Premier Gold Project

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