First Cook / Supervisor

Our first cook / supervisor position typically requires a minimum of 5 years experience in the hospitality / food service industry and a minimum of 3 years experience as a chef in either remote camps, hotel restaurants, or resorts.  Read on to learn about the typical responsibilities for this role.

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Key Responsibilities

1.  Coordinate and be responsible for the handling, preparation, production, and timely service of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in accordance with approved methods and standards.

2.  Ensure meals are prepared according to client scheduling and within the menu plan and budget guidelines.  Prepare meals as per menu plan provided. Ensure adequate quantities of the menu choices are prepared as per the menu plan, and follow all production quotas set.

3.  Ensure food is prepared as close to consumption time as possible. Supervise all portioning to meals on serving line to ensure all clients are receiving amounts specified.  Coordinate all kitchen staff involved in the preparation and serving of meals.


Qualifications Needed

1.  Journeyman or inter-provincial Red Seal Certificate is an asset.  Minimum 5 years’ experience in the hospitality / food service industry and minimum 3 years’ experience as a chef in remote camps or hotel restaurants or resorts.

2.  Cooking competency and knowledge of international and domestic cuisines.  Extensive knowledge of menu costing, recipe cards implementation and wage control.  Must have an excellent practical and theoretical background in all areas of the kitchen such as : hot kitchens, cold kitchens, pastry, bakery, banquet style dining, and dealing with large numbers of guests.

3.  Must have a current Food Safe certificate and a current Level 1 First Aid certificate.