Camp Baker / Breakfast Person

Looking for camp baker jobs? Our baker / breakfast person position involves night shifts and split shifts.  It requires experience in baking from scratch and preparing breakfasts, particularly for large groups of people.  Read on to learn about the typical responsibilities for this role.

Key Responsibilities

1.  Coordinate and be responsible for the handling, preparation, production, and timely service of baked goods from scratch and breakfast prep and service. Ensure food is prepared as close to consumption time as possible. Supervise all portioning to meals on serving line to ensure all clients are receiving amounts specified.

2.  Coordinate all kitchen staff involved in the preparation and serving of meals.  Ensure that health & safety and sanitation standards are correctly implemented and observed by the staff.  Provide direction, training and support to all staff.

3.  Ensure proper storage and rotation of all food supplies.  Prepare and send food orders.

Qualifications Needed

1.  Must have a current Food Safe certificate and a current Level 1 First Aid certificate.

2.  Skills needed include camp baker / breakfast experience, experience in tracking man-day counts, and high standards in maintaining a clean and organized camp.

3.  Physical demands include the ability to lift, carry, push, or pull up to 50 lbs; climb ladders or stairs; stand, walk, squat, kneel or sit according to task for extended lengths of time; perform repetitive hand work requiring full use of both hands; and perform work with arms at full length.