Combo Helper

If you’re looking for camp attendant jobs, consider applying for our “combo helper” position.  The responsibilities are a combination of camp attendant duties, housekeeping responsibilities, and kitchen helper duties.  Read on to learn about the typical responsibilities for this role.

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Key Responsibilities

1.  Assist with overall camp cleanliness and sanitation.  Works with the on-site team to ensure all areas of the camp have been cleaned daily. 

2.  Assist with monitoring inventory levels and advise when products are required.  Attend safety meetings and advise about any injuries or issues.

3.  Provide first class customer service to all guests. 

Qualifications Needed

1.  No camp experience is required for this position.  All you need is basic housekeeping and kitchen experience, a strong work ethic, the ability to work independently and in a team environment.

2.  Must be able to speak, read, and write English.  Must be able to be away from home for a minimum of 2 weeks at a time.   Must be able to work safely and responsibly.